OOAK fashion and repaint doll

by the french artist Corinne Thorner

of Créations COTHO


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Pièce unique, poupée mannequin d'artiste

par l'artiste française Corinne Thorner

des Créations COTHO


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***update july 3th, 2017***


Sissi, visite en Hongrie



***update june 21, 2017***




***update may 29th 2017***



***update april 30th, 2017***


Captain Hook



***update april 8th, 2017***




***update march 23rd, 2017***




***update february 28th, 2017***






***update february 23th, 2017***






***update january 31st, 2017***


**Nyx, godess of the Night, she is not available!




***update january 5th, 2017***


**Aphrodite, godess of Love, she is available!



***update january 1st, 2017***


**Thank you for all our so good moments with you in 2016!

I am waiting you again for 2017, with big pleasure!



***update november 15th, 2016***


**soon, the end of the year and time to make gifts!

here: Jennifer Lopez, she is available!


Jennifer Lopez


***update november 4th, 2016***



***update october 14th, 2016***


** a pretty doll



***update september 23th, 2016***


** my donation for  MFDS 2016 ebay charity auction



***update august 30, 2016***


** Sissi Bride, gone to Germany...


Sissi Bride


***update august 22th 2016***


** thanks for all I meet for my seconde convention NBDCC!


Jon Snow


***update june 1st 2016***


** oh! this year was already very good, with fantastic convention in Paris, Lisbonne and Milano! You can see photo reports on my page facebook: here et here


but now you can see my new dolls on my pages galeries et Boutique!




***update december 14th 2015***


** last doll of the year 2015



***update november 18th 2015***


** I am very proud to present to you


my creation for the RFDC charity auction



***update november 12th 2015***


** I am happy to present to you Hermes, my messenger of Gods,


The messenger of the Gods


***update october 26th 2015***


** I am happy to present to you Calista, my donation for charity auction of Convencion de barbie en espana par l'ACBE,  "fondation Sandra Ibarra".




***update september 17th, 2015***


** I am happy to present to you my donation for Madrid fashion Doll Show 2015 ebay auction (end september) to profit foundation “Growing Playing”, for their charity project “One toy one Illusion”. 




***update september 2nd, 2015***


** I present to you "Meï and May" creations for 2015 NBDCC.


May      Meï


***update august 21th, 2015***


** I present to you "Medusa" creations for 2015 NBDCC.





***update august 17th, 2015***


** I present to you "Clarisse" and "Cassandre" creations for 2015 NBDCC.




***update august 14th, 2015***


** I present to you "Aurore, the sleeping Beauty" creation for 2015 NBDCC silent charity auction.


Aurore, la Belle au bois dormant

my donation for the silent charity auction 2015 NBDCC to Arlington

** photo report of the travel to washington and national convention, follow me on facebook: creations cotho or corinne thorner


***update april 13th, 2015***


Marquise des Gourmandises

donate for charity

 IDEC 2015 (Milano)


** Portrait in Netherland magazine "Poppen &Teddy-Beer"


 june 2015  


***update april 13th, 2015***


** I present to you "Athena" creation for PFDF 2015




***update april 8th, 2015***


** I present to you "Madeleine" creation for PFDF 2015




***update april 1st, 2015***


** The 4th OOAK outfit from collection "Soie et Dentelle", "Vieux Rose" by photographers KenMad et MissVInyl...


MissVinyl.com Doll Portrait   ~~~~   MadKenPhotos 


***update march 25th, 2015***


** The 3rd OOAK outfit from collection "Soie et Dentelle", "Lavande" is presented to you on models Tonner*, by photographers KenMad et MissVInyl...


MissVinyl.com Doll Portrait   ~~~~   MadKenPhotos 


***update march 25th, 2015***


** Today the photographers  MissVinyl et MadKen present the "Parme" outfit from the collection "Soie et Dentelle" by Créations COTHO, taken with two differents visions, with JamieShow* models .

It is an OOAK Haute couture outfit. Available on my Boutique

MissVinyl.com Doll Portrait   ~~~~   MadKenPhotos 


***update march 24th, 2015***


**A new serie of photos by  MissVinyl.com Doll Portrait , it complete photos serie by MadKen, to present to you the outfit "Blanc" of "Soie et dentelle" collection for JAMIEshow and Tonner 16 inch Dolls.

destinée aux poupées de 16 inch, 39 cm...



MissVinyl.com Doll Portrait   ~~~~   MadKenPhotos 


this Ready-to-Wear outfit is made only once, OOAK ,price 290 euros without shipping cost.


***update march 20th, 2015***


**The Paris Fashion Doll Festival silent charity auction

This year, I specialy created  a doll for charity, on the theme "cabaret"

I present you my doll: Candy Love, a sweet dancer...



Candy Love

***update march 18th, 2015***


**Coming back from Paris fashion Doll Festival, Thank you for all this very good moments with you!

Thank you for your discussions, for your congatulations, for your smiles!!!


For waiting the photos report in few days,

one of my last creations:




***update february 9th, 2015***


** I present to you my version of Padme, inspired by Star wars Movie.


in page "Boutique"

Padmé Amidala


***update january 28th, 2015***


**I present to you an outfit,commission for a collector, inspired by the TV show "Once upon a time"


in page "galerie"

Outfit Evil Queen, Regina


***update january 12th, 2015***


**I present to you D'Artagnan, a special commission for Christmas


in page "galerie"


The famous Royal Musketeer


***update january 5th, 2015***




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